Donor Recognition - Office of Development and University Relations - University of          Dallas

Donor Recognition - Office of Development and University Relations - University of Dallas

Thank You, Donors.

The generosity of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends fuels a lively community of learning dedicated to spreading the sparks of education in the Catholic intellectual tradition.

The President's Society

The President鈥檚 Society recognizes donors who invest $1,000 or more annually in the 蜜桃影院. These leadership gifts support the mission of 蜜桃影院 as we continue our dedication to the pursuit of wisdom, truth, and virtue as the proper and primary ends of education.

Support from the members of the President's Society is critical to ensuring we attract and retain the best faculty, enroll the top students, and provide the distinct classroom experience that makes us the 蜜桃影院. 

Life Members Society Logo 

Life Members

Lifetime giving of $250,000 or more
The Life Members of the President's Society recognizes our generous donors who invest $250,000 or more in the university.

Life Members

As of May 31, 2022


Lynn and Win Bell

Randall Bono

Nancy Cain Marcus Robertson and Sanford Robertson

Kathy and J. Barry Clark

Lou Ann and Mike Corboy

Christine and Bainard Cowan

Dan Cruse and Margaret A. Cruse 鉁

Maureen and Robert W. Decherd

Joy and Ralph R. Ellis

Elvira and Eugene T. Fitzgibbons

Danielle and Dan G. Flaherty

Carol and Joseph H. Gigler

Yasmin and Satish Gupta

Mary and Patrick E. Haggerty

Elizabeth and Richard A. Husseini

Terrence A. Larsen

Norma and Harry J. Longwell

Kathleen and Daniel J. Milligan

Joseph O. Neuhoff

Pat and Neil J. O'Brien

Vincent R. Pawlowski

Viveca and Nick Serafy

Fanny Baltazar Sheumaker and Philip Sheumaker

Patty and Rick V. Stark

Bonnie and John L. Strauss

Mary and Richard K. Templeton

Mary and Michael F. Terry

Jere W. Thompson

Bredow and Robert E. Thompson

Regina M. Uhl

Shirley Vilfordi and Eugene E. Vilfordi 鉁

Ann and Raymond E. Wooldridge

Jane and Manuel Zuniga

Constantin Foundation

Gupta Agarwal Charitable Foundation

S B International Inc.

YAS International, LLC

The Catholic Foundation

The Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Foundation

Communities Foundation of Texas

The Sumners Foundation

David Mitchell Marcus Foundation

The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation

David M. Crowley Foundation

Estate of Charles Schulze

Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation

Hoblitzelle Foundation

Eugene McDermott Foundation

David M. and Mary C. Crowley Trust

Kresge Foundation

ExxonMobil Foundation

Serafy Foundation

Joseph O. Neuhoff Charitable Trust

Minnie K. Patton Scholarship Foundation Trust Grant

Ed Haggar Family Foundation

Hillcrest Foundation

Carlos J. Kruegel

Scanlan Foundation

Templeton Foundation

Dallas News Corporation

Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas

Belmont Foundation

Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation

The Robert A. Welch Foundation

The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation Inc.

Bosque Foundation

B & G Partnership Ltd.

Larsen Foundation

Estate of William P. Esslinger

William R. Hearst Foundation

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund

The Center for Thomas More Studies

John M. Olin Foundation

Fidelity Advisor Charitable Gift Fund

Powers Foundation Inc.

W. M. Keck Foundation

The Rea Charitable Trust

J. M. Haggar Jr. Family Foundation

Fox Management Trusts

Bon Eau Enterprises, LLC

Cordelia G. Sansone Trust

Teagle Foundation

Louis A. Beecherl 鉁

Christopher R. Bright 鉁

J. J. Collmer 鉁

Louise S. and Donald A. Cowan 鉁

Robert H. Dedman 鉁

John T. Gulczynski 鉁

Edmond R. Haggar 鉁

Beatrice Haggerty 鉁

James M. Moroney 鉁

Margaret D. Thompson 鉁

Cistercian Society Logo 

Cistercian Society

Annual Gifts of $20,000+
The Cistercian Society was founded to honor the original Cistercians, who played a crucial part in the founding of the university. This society recognizes generous donors who made gifts of $20,000 or more from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022.

FY22 Cistercian Society Members

For Fiscal Year: June 1, 2021 - May 31, 2022


Catherine F. Alvis

Megan B. and John D. Alvis

Kelly and Joe B. Armes

Lynn and Win Bell

Randall Bono

Bishop Edward J. Burns

Jennifer Byrne

Nancy Cain Marcus Robertson and Sanford Robertson

Mary Devlin Capizzi and Joseph E. Capizzi

Kathy and J. Barry Clark

Robert Cohen

Mellon Bank Corporation

Morgan Stanley

MW Turtle Creek Minerals, LLC

Maria and Brian Dean

Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas

Elvira and Eugene T. Fitzgibbons

Danielle and Dan G. Flaherty

Ariel and Emmet T. Flood

Constantin Foundation

Larsen Foundation

Minnie K. Patton Scholarship Foundation Trust Grant

Serafy Foundation

Teagle Foundation

The Husseini Family Fund

The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation Inc.

The Sumners Foundation

William A. Solemene Charitable Foundation

William R. Burleigh Family Foundation

William R. Hearst Foundation

Sarah R. and Victor T. Godinez

Julia and Matthew D. Hejduk

Elizabeth and Richard A. Husseini

Lloyd D. Lowe

Molly McCarthy

Eileen McPherson Meinert and David Meinert

Kathleen and Daniel J. Milligan

Shannon and Thomas Nealon

Erlinda and Charles Neubecker

Joseph O. Neuhoff

Margaret and Robert Pawlowski

Vincent R. Pawlowski

Mary Rossi Ritter and Timothy Ritter

Rebecca and Jonathan Sanford

Robin and William A. Schofield

Viveca and Nick Serafy

Martha Sheridan

Fanny Baltazar Sheumaker and Philip Sheumaker

Donna and James M. Spinhirne

Lauren Elizabeth and Jason Wu Trujillo

Regina M. Uhl

Bridgett and Steve Wagner

Marilyn Walker

Tammy and Michael Wehrle

Jean and Martin White

Lely K. White

Dominican Society Logo

Dominican Society

Annual Gifts Between $10,000 and $19,999
The Dominican Society derives its name from the first Dominican priest, Father Damian Fandal, who arrived on campus in 1958. This society recognizes generous donors who made gifts between $10,000 and $19,999 from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022.

FY22 Dominican Society Members

For Fiscal Year: June 1, 2021 - May 31, 2022


Steven M. Allen

Donna Sue Dolle and Charles E. Baumann

Phyllis D. Carr

Enterprise Holdings

Christine and Bainard Cowan

George Creel

Susan and Michael D. Cuda

Catherine and Henry Daboub

Elizabeth Ochoa Dalla-Valle

Barbara K. and Robert S. Dodson

Bernadette and Aubrey Edwards

Janis A. and Martin J. Fee

Maureen and Michael Ferguson

Susan W. Frear

Thomas Fucinaro

Martha and Alex T. Galbraith

Mary and Patrick E. Haggerty

Stacey and Thomas S. Hibbs

Cary Hyden

Adelaida and Allan Kagan

Annmarie Flynn Kelly and Robert W. Kelly

Kathleen and Thomas Lagarde

Norma and Harry J. Longwell

Carolyn and Paul Lyde

Lisa Fougerousse Mobus and Jeff Mobus

Monica and Carlo Molano

Barbara and James M. Moroney

Elise and Burk Murchison

Kathy and Joseph C. Murphy

Tamara and Steve F. Nicksic

Linda and George Pedlow

Megan A. Smith

Patty and Rick V. Stark

Jere W. Thompson

Patricia and Paul Verderese

Roy Wadsworth

Teresa and Leo Wegemer

Ann and Raymond E. Wooldridge

Catherine and Thomas Zellers

Gorman Society Logo

Gorman Society

Annual Gifts Between $5,000 and $9,999
The Gorman Society was founded to honor Bishop Thomas Kiely Gorman, bishop of the Diocese of Dallas at the time of 蜜桃影院鈥檚 founding. This society recognizes generous donors who made gifts between $5,000 and $9,999 from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022.

FY22 Gorman Society Members

For Fiscal Year: June 1, 2021 - May 31, 2022


Theresa and Chris Archer

Leslie Harris and Edward G. Baptista

Linda and Donald W. Bendure

Monique A. Bimler

NCH Corporation

Kimberly and John Donnelly

Richard F. Endres

Bruce D. Evans

Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota

Emily and Seth M. Gartland

Mary and Dana Gioia

Bridget and Edward Gramling

Sheila and Christopher Gramling

Anna F. Haine and William R. Haine 鉁

Katie and Phil Holthouse

Maria and Marcus M. Key

Brendan Lemieux

David G. LeMire

Ann and Jerry Lerner

Dick Long

Marta and Douglas Mayer

George A. Moninger

Kris and Paul Vetter

Paula and Steve O'Keefe

Julie and Robert E. Pecha

Catherine and Gregory A. Pivarunas

Karen and Ken Richelsen

Robert G. Rooney

Carley and Paul Rydberg

Rein Staal

Kathleen and Douglas Stocco

Shane M. Tucker

Shirley Vilfordi

Julie and John Weber

Jayne A. Williams

Michelle and Thomas Williamson

Jane and Manuel Zuniga

Carpenter Society Logo

Carpenter Society

Annual Gifts Between $1,000 and $4,999
The Carpenter Society was founded to honor the Carpenter family, who contributed 160 acres to the university in 1955. This society recognizes generous donors who made gifts between $1,000 and $4,999 from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022.

FY22 Carpenter Society Members

For Fiscal Year: June 1, 2021 - May 31, 2022


Julie and David Abell

Margaret N. Abruzzo

Melanie and Michael Alvares

Thu-Lan and David Andrews

Megan and Alan G. Anz

Charles J. Archer

David L. Atkinson

Tina M. Azamar

Sue M. Baars

Stephanie and Fabius D. Bascon

Margaret and James B. Beauchamp

Natalie and Josh Becker

Eric J. Beeby

Selena and Killian Beeler

Monsignor John Bell

Catherine Bellan and James L. Bitterman

Kalpana and Ramesh Bhatia

Terry and William Biggins

Mary Ann and Joseph W. Bitter

Juan S. Blanch

Mary Alyce and Alan Blum

Beth and Pete Blute

Pamela and Curtis P. Bounds

Abby R. Bova

Taylor R. Bowlden

Virginia I. and Paul A. Braden

Mary Therese Ahne Breger

Angela M. Brodrick-Donohue and Tom Donohue

Louis Brown

Nathaniel Brown

Sara and Brian Burch

Robert R. Bush

Kimberely and Timothy W. Byrne

Mary and David J. Capper

Joseph Q. Carson

Aaron L. Carter

Dian and Richard E. Carville

Christine and Stephen P. Cavanaugh

Jennifer and James Chandler

Catherine B. and William E. Chavey

Kara and William Chavey

Clare and Fernando Chavez

Susan and Daniel F. Clifford

Jeff Cober

Katherine A. Coerver

Trang and Phillip S. Conley

Constance Connelly

Hollie and Peter R. Cook

Kevin A. Cook

Albertsons Safeway

Commerce Bank

Fieldstead & Company

Fourth St. Performance Partners Inc.

Hess Corporation


Lily of the Desert Nutraceuticals

Phillips 66

PJ Quinn Inc.

Sammons Corporation

Select International Travel and Tours


The Center for Thomas More Studies

The Republic Of Letters Slack Books

Tiffany and Co.

Trinity Communications

Kyle D. Cotten

Rebecca A. and Dean M. Crawford

Trang and Scott Crider

Suzannah and Mark D. Cronenwett

Jonathan F. Cunningham

Emmanuel V. Dalavai

Anne and Timothy A. Daly

Teresa M. Danze and Kyle P. Lemieux

Matthew J. DeFusco

Kelli and John DeGeeter

Jeanette and Matthew deKay

Jane Z. Delahanty

James H. Denison

Bonnie and Tim R. DeWitt

Roman Catholic Diocese of Brownsville

The Diocese of Grand Isle

Toietta and Michael J. Dixon

Nancie and Andrew J. Dodge

Julie and Sean Doherty

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan

Julie A. and Richard J. Dougherty

Laura and Dominic Dougherty

Kristin and Curtis Downs

Elizabeth and John Eastman

Ann Ellis

Nancy and Jonathan Erickson

Barbara A. Eshleman

Bernadette and Paul W. Esposito

Alicia and Michael J. Fanning

Saundra and Ralph Fitzgerald

Barbara and John J. Flatley

Laurel Jane and Gregory Fletcher

Raphael and Amanda Flood

Gale and Mike E. Florence

Bishop Daniel E. Flores

Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation of Texas

Community Foundation Of The Ozarks

Otten Foundation

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

State Farm Companies Foundation

The Alaska Community Foundation

The Sursum Corda Foundation

Joan Sazaman French

Jackie and Roy Fuentes

Phylann and Ed Fusco

German G. Gachevski

Robert M. Galecke

Adrienne and John M. Gallagher

Jo Ann S. and Louis C. Gasper

Brandie and Timothy Gehan

Carol and Joseph H. Gigler

Bernarda and Howard Glicksman

Jon Gonzalez

Teresa M. Gorman

Donna and Louis J. Grabowsky

Nancy and Michael Hall

Reverend Emmett V. Hall

Shelley A. Hall and Richard W. Snyder

Thomas Hansell

Jacob C. Harbour

Margaret C. and Dan Harkins

Joe Havlik

Sheree and Joe Havlik

R. David Heekin

Elizabeth and Roy Heyne

Jon Paul D. Heyne

Anne and Dennis Hoelscher

Robin and Gregory P. Hoelscher

Karen and Paul F. Hogan

Rita and Joe Hogan

Cherie and Jason Hohertz

Marion and Donald Holec

Michael Hollern

Natalie and Michael Horak

Vallery and Joseph R. Hrbacek

Julie and Francis Hubach

James Hubener

Dorianne H. and Matthew D. Hull

Don Hutchins

Mary A. Ingram

Judith and Gerry T. Jacob

Yolanda and Edwin L. Jacobs

Elizabeth K. and Alex G. Jagrowski

Marion and Walter T. Jones

Stephen F. Joyce

Tara and Joseph Judge

Bishop Gregory Kelly

Dolores H. and Mark Kelly

Richard D. Kelly

Theresa D. Kelly

Tara and Peter Kennedy

Maisie and John Klocek

Elizabeth A. Klunder

Michael A. Korson

Heather Kreager

Ruth T. Krusen

Mary and Daniel Kubala

Erin and George W. Kuhn

Jennifer L. Kunhardt

Karen and Christopher Kuplack

Rachel and David Lamberti

Kendra J. Lamboy

Mary and Paul Lanari

Barbara W. Landregan

Susan and Louis Lataif

Susan and John Lenczowski

Lydia and Frank LoCoco

Lucy and Shane E. Macaulay

Mary S. Mackenzie

Wendy and Michael H. Magusiak

Catharine and Patrick Maher

Heidi and Kevin Maher

James W. Maney

Mary Rister Manuszak and David P. Manuszak

Christy and Brannon D. Marlowe

James Martin

Marsha A. Martinez-Wylie and Kevin D. Wylie

Donald J. McAllister

Anne and Sean M. McCrory

Katherine and Michael McFadden

J. William McFarland

Mike McKool

Gregory L. Migdal

Julie L. Mitchell Newlands

Leah K. and Richard Moss

Sarah C. and William E. Moss

Lisa and Randall F. Muck

Susan and Stan J. Muckenthaler

Brian Murray

Josephine Semasek Murray and Michael G. Murray

Elisabeth and Stephen Nichols

Emilie A. and James Niedermeyer

Claire and Michael L. Nieswiadomy

Bertha and Thomas J. Norman

John Norris

Erin K. and John P. Norton

Katherine and Vladimir Novikov

Sybil and Lyle Novinski

Monica J. and Daniel W. Oldenburg

Mary and Ed Oleksiak

Nancy and Timothy Oliver

Diane and Jesse P. Orsini

Vivian B. Palmer

Lenore and Joshua S. Parens

Sheila and Gabriel Paris

Elizabeth and Nathaniel W. Parker

Jeanne and John Parker

Annette and Jeffrey S. Patterson

Mary and John G. Peisen

Veronica J. and Christopher S. Phair

Patricia and Steven Pierret

Barbara and James Pitstick

Mike A. Pitstick

Gerda and Geoffrey Polma

Catherine A. Pullen

Laura and Peter Quinn

Robert Reinke

Janet M. Retseck

Margaret and William R. Richardson

Carol A. and Melvin Ritter

James G. Roberts

Veronica and William T. Rodda

Michele M. and Greg L. Roper

Mary and Stephen J. Safranek

Valerie and Michael Schierl

Cheryl L. and Stephen F. Schmidt

Judith and Carey Schulten

Christine and William Sei

Olivia and Mark A. Seitz

Jack R. Sellers

Maria P. Septien and Cesar Herrera Sisniega

Erika and Neil D. Shah

Barbara and Bruce R. Shaw

Nancy H. Shelton

Anita Shorosky

Michael J. Simmons

Michael M. Smith

Sarah D. Sokora

Kathleen M. Spivey

Susan and Thomas Stanzel

Kathryn and William L. Stigall

Eleanor and Alfred D. Stoebner

Teresa and Anthony Stone

Rhonda and David W. Stryk

Karen and David R. Sweet

Kelly and Edgar Tavares

Dorothy and William R. Tennant

Rebecca Ryskind Teti and Dennis Teti

Gail Thomas, Ph.D.

Janis and John M. Tilley

Sandra A. and Walter Townsend

Cathleen A. Treacy

Thomas Uhl

Patty and Alex Valadka

Mark E. Valdez

Anne-Marie and Bernard J. Vogel

Lisa and Peter Wade

Anne and Austin C. Walker

Marie and James Walker

Rodney J. Walter

Karla and Martin Warborg

Robert Watling

Janet and Martin E. Weisse

Stephanie Brinker and Austin Westervelt-Lutz

Michelle L. and Thomas M. Whisenant

Mary C. and Brian L. Whitney

Charlotte and Sean Williams

Jeanne and James B. Williams

Nancy and Francis M. Williams

Robert S. Williams

Lisa S. Wood

Margaret Yates

Denise and Stephen J. Zabilski

Rochelle and Albert C. Zapanta

Other Societies

蜜桃影院 Legacy Society Logo

蜜桃影院 Legacy Society

Donors who name the 蜜桃影院 in their wills, trusts, retirement plans, life insurance policies or life income gifts are included in the 蜜桃影院 Legacy Society. 

Legacy Society Members


Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Bauer, BS '66

The Honorable Stephanie Bascon, BA '88 and Mr. Fabius Bascon, BA '88, MBA '89

Mr. Michael (Misha) E. Belcher, BA '72

Mr. Edwin S. Bell, Jr. and Mrs. Lynn Bell

Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. 鉁 and Anne Butler, BA 鈥65 Britton

Mr. and Mrs. O.D., BA '61 and Margie 鉁 Cruse

Mr. Dominic Del Curto, BA 鈥18

Mr. Michael J. Dixon, BA '85, MBA '87

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Mary Jo McGehee, MA '10 Dorn

Mr. and Mrs. Billie Ellis 鉁 and Ann C. Lang-Ellis, BA 鈥70

Ms. Kelly Frances Fanning, BA '92

Dr. Edith Rossi Fekete

Mrs. Lisa M. Gabriel, BA '90, MBA '12

Mr. and Mrs. Shahul and Philomena Hameed

Dr. Cristen Hamilton, MA '05

Mr. and Mrs. David K. and Tricia A. Hoffmann

Mr. John W. Ingram, BA 鈥90

Mr. and Mrs. Todd, BA '12 and Mary Jacobson

Mr. Edward B. Janeczko, Jr. and Mrs. Linda E. Janeczko

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Anne Judge, BA '02

Mr. and Mrs. Robert, MA '92, PhD '95 and Annmarie Flynn, BA '91 Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Kiegerl

Ms. Joy Davis Kirsch, BA 鈥85

Dr. Carl Kogut, BA '80

Mrs. Estelle Tovar Lara, BA '67, MA '74

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J., BA '60 and Ann R. Lerner

Ms. Janet Hui MacDonald, MS '07

Mr. J. William McFarland, Jr.

Ms. Mikail M. McIntosh-Doty, BA 鈥81

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel, BA '91, and Kathleen Uhl, BA, '91, MBA '95 Milligan

Mr. and Mrs. Madison, BA '11, MBA '15, and Danielle Schumer, BA '10 Milliken

Dr. Andrew Damian Moran, BA '91

Mr. Charles B. Neubecker

Mr. Thomas J. Norman, Jr. and Mrs. Bertha B. Norman

Prof. and Mrs. Lyle and Sybil Novinski

Mr. Vincent R. Pawlowski, BA '85

Mr. and Mrs. Mike, BA '78 and Sharon Kapavik, BA '79, MA '89 Perkins

Mr. James C. Petzel, BA '75

Mr. Michael Pitstick, BA '15

Mr. John M. Posey, BA '87, MA '89

Mr. and Mrs. Elray D. Prejean

Mrs. Laura Felis Quinn, BS '86, MBA '18

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Ruby

Mr. and Mrs. Denis, BA '91 and Chrisy Ryan

Ms. Elia Abigail Santos, '19

Mr. and Mrs. Philip, BA '90, MBA '93 and Fanny Baltazar, BA '88, MBA '91 Sheumaker

Dcn. and Mrs. Denis and Denise Simon

Dr. Megan Anne Smith, BA '02, MBA '19

Ms. Sarah D. Sokora, BA 鈥15

Mr. Ron St. Angelo

Mr. Jason Wu Trujillo

Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Clare Venegas

Mrs. Bridgett G. Wagner, BA '81 and Mr. J. Steven Wagner

Mrs. Lely K. White

Dr. Robert E. Wood

Dr. Donald L. Yandell, BA '62

Dr. Chafic Abiraad 鉁

Mr. Fred Asmussen 鉁

Mrs. Dorothy Evelyn Beyer 鉁

Mr. and Mrs. Neil and Jo Anne Campbell 鉁

Dr. Cherie Clodfelter 鉁

Drs. Donald and Louise Cowan 鉁

Ms. Wayne LeMay Crawford, BA '65 鉁

Mr. Robert H. Dedman 鉁

Mr. and Mrs. William P. and Marie Esslinger 鉁

Dr. Lorand Fekete 鉁

Mr. Bernard Kim Foreman, MA '92 鉁

Mr. Patrick Haggerty 鉁

Mr. James M. Lotochinski, BA '83 鉁

Mr. Frank K. Ribelin 鉁

Mr. Archy M. Roper 鉁

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. and Catherine Schulze 鉁

Rev. John Ladislaus Vincius 鉁

Msgr. Thomas W. Weinzapfel 鉁