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Braniff Graduate School Academic Programs

The Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts is home to thirteen master’s programs ranging from fine art to psychology, programs for teachers, like the Catholic Teacher Certificate and the Classical Education Graduate Program, and the Institute of Philosophic Studies offering doctoral degrees in literature, philosophy and politicsWhether you're coming straight from undergraduate study or making a change mid-career, our programs will prepare you for your next move.

Doctoral Programs

Degree Credit Hours Required Degree Type
Format Enrollment Options
Blended 100% On-campus Part-Time Full-time
Literature 66    
Philosophy 66    
Politics 66    

Art Programs

Degree Credit Hours Required Degree Type Format Enrollment Options
Master of arts in Master of Blended 100% On-campus Part-Time Full-time
Art 30      
Fine Arts (MFA) 60      

Master's Programs

Degree Credit Hours Required* Degree Type Format Enrollment Options
Master of arts in Master of Blended 100% On-line 100% On-campus Part-Time Full-time
American Studies 30      
Catechetical Ministry 36  
Catholic School Leadership 37    
Classical Education 36  
Classics 30    
English 30    
Humanities 36  
Pastoral Ministry 36  
Philosophy 30    
Politics 30    
Psychology 30-48    
Psychology (Clinical) 60      
Teaching 30      
Theological Studies (for Ministry) 36  
Theology 30    

*Important Note: All Master's of Arts programs require a thesis and demonstrated reading knowledge of a foreign language. 

Graduate Certificates

Certificate Program Credit Hours Required Format Enrollment Options
Blended 100% On-line 100% On-campus Part-time Full-time
Alternative Teacher Certification 24    
Catholic School Leadership 18      
Catholic Teacher Certificate 18    
Certificate in Classical Learning 18    
Theological Studies 18
Pastoral Ministry 18
Catechetical Ministry 18

Contemporary Scholarship with a Classical Foundation

Deeply committed to the recovery and renewal of the Western heritage of liberal arts and the Christian intellectual tradition, studying at the ӰԺ Braniff Graduate School means that you will engage in interdisciplinary scholarly discussions, read the Great Books, and consider timeless questions and contemporary issues in search of principled and transformative wisdom. Each area of study is informed by a unique sense of paideia, the education of the soul, which attends to the person as a whole.

Our unique approach to graduate education – contemporary scholarship grounded in the classical tradition – helps you to think rigorously, creatively, and ethically about your chosen discipline.

The Braniff Graduate School also offers a number of programs and institutes for teachers who desire to deepen their understanding of their disciplines as well as an ongoing series of colloquia, lectures, exhibits and salons for students, faculty, and the intellectually-curious public.

Join a community of scholars.

Engage in discussion both inside and outside the classroom with peers who are committed to living the life of the mind.

Read the Great Books.

Encounter nothing less than the writings of the finest minds of the Western world. Plato, Aristotle, Dante, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, and Nietzsche are just a few of the thinkers we explore here.

Learn from dedicated professors.

Dr. Greg Roper has interests in Middle English literature, rhetoric and composition, literary theory, and pedagogy. He has published essays on Medieval penitential manuals and their influence on late Medieval literature, on the Canterbury Tales, and on teaching survey courses and literary theory.

Learn for life.

Adult learners interested in taking courses, but not seeking a degree, are welcome at the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts.